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Be Prepared

Prenatal Education & Birth Services

Pregnancy Education

Helping Hands Doula Services offers multiple prenatal appointments during your pregnancy. It is our goal that you feel safe to ask questions and have confidence in yourself when giving birth. During these appointments you can create a birth plan with your doula, discuss birth and what to expect in the postpartum period. 

Birth Services

During your pregnancy you will work with your doula and prepare for the big day! At 38 weeks your birth doula will be on call and attend your birth when the time comes. Your Doula will be there to help you cope with the pain, use pain relief techniques that you have chosen, and give suggestions to you and your partner. After the birth your doula will get you and your partner settled in and is a listening ear for you to process your birth. 

knowledge is power


You will feel more prepared on what to expect and know what is normal and what isn’t

Trust Yourself


You will trust your body and instincts through pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Be Prepared


You will know what to expect during birth and when you bring home a newborn baby.

Pregnancy and Birth Packages







Additional prenatal or postpartum visits can be purchased at additional costs 

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