Testimonials and Thank You notes

"Nous avons engagé Aline alors que nos jumeaux n'avaient que quelques semaines et
recommandrions ses services sans la moindre hésitation. Aline possède de grandes qualités
qui font d'elle une personne et une doula postpartum exceptionnelle. Son oreille attentive,  
son sens de l'empathie, sa façon de faire ressortir le côté positif des choses, sa capacité
d'adaptation au milieu familial où elle aide, ses précieux conseils sans toutefois les imposer,
tout ceci jumelé à une grande compétence, beaucoup d'initiative et de dévouement en font
une personne-ressource sans pareil. Nous avons vite constaté l'amour qu'elle a pour les tout
petits et son souci du bien-être pour la famille. Aline nous a aidés à atteindre un équilibre
avec nos merveilleux nouveaux-arrivés."

Lizanne B. mother of twins, Ottawa
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Helping Hands Doula
"Thank you for being so accessible and accommodating.  It was a great relief  to leave our baby in the care of someone so
parenthood. We have recommended your services to our friends."

Bojana, mother of 1, Ottawa.
"Aline was a great help during my first few weeks as a new mom.  She helped not only with the basics of getting my house in
order, but also in directing me on a variety of things from how to put a diaper on a boy, breastfeeding, how to use my pump,
and how to use my slings.  She is very knowledgeable and willing to help in any way."

Jamie, mother of 1, Ottawa.
"Dear Aline,
Boy am I glad I found you! We have looked forward to 10 o'clock every day since! I'm so happy that you love to do what you
do - you are perfect for the job. (I wish I had had the means and an excuse to hire myself a friend a long time ago ;-) )"

Karina, mother of 3, Kanata
"Dear Aline,
Just a note to express my appreciation for your support and hard work in the early weeks after K. was born. You stand out for
your generosity with your time both at our home and on the phone and with loaning us the things we needed; as well as the
way you listened, providing great positive feedback as only a good friend normally could.
Thank you for everything."

T., mother of 3, Ottawa
"Plus qu’une Doula, Aline fait partie de notre vie et surtout celle de nos enfants : S, C et P.  Attentionnée de notre bien-être,
Aline a su être à l'écoute de nos besoins afin de bien s'occuper de ma femme, France, et de nos enfants après l'accouchement.  
De plus, je dois avouer qu’elle a été une vraie professionnelle : toujours présente et soucieuse, toujours patiente et
compréhensive.  Même que tu es devenue une vraie amie de la famille.  Je pense que tu as grandement contribué à garder un
certain équilibre et support moral.

Au-delà de tout cela, l’amour chaleureux qu’Aline a créé ainsi que l'atmosphère affectif qu’elle a su nous donner, ne laisse aucun
doute quant à ces qualités de Doula postnatale.  Fiable, responsable et respectueuse, Aline a aussi fait preuve de beaucoup de
sagesse dans le cadre de ses fonctions.

C’est pour cette raison que nous la recommandons chaleureusement auprès de toute famille désireuse de lui confier non
seulement leur nouveau-né, mais aussi les autres membres de la famille.

Je profite de cette lettre pour te remercier de ta gentillesse et de ton amitié que tu nous as confiées pendant ton séjour parmi
nous.  Merci pour tout!"

France et Stéphane, parents of 3, Cantley
"We are so fortunate to have had Aline's support after the birth of our second child.  Aline is extremely capable, resourceful
and reliable.  She joined us in the hospital hours after our son was born to assist with breastfeeding and was indispensable
in helping us to bring baby home and settle in.  For the weeks that followed, she went to great lengths to care for me as I
recovered, to care for our baby so we could rest as well as taking on household duties and preparing delicious and healthful
meals.  Aline provide us with support and reassurance as we addressed our son's tongue tie and implemented a sleep
shaping plan.  She is warm, nurturing and understanding.  She takes initiative and made the most of her time with us.  We
are certain that our little family got off to a better start than we would have without her."

Nia, mother of 2, Ottawa
Aline Paradis PCD(DONA), CLC    -    613-612-8289
Certified Postpartum Doula and Lactation Counselor
"Dear Aline,
I want to  take this opportunity to really thank you for all your help, advice, kindness, patience, and love. You are an amazing
doula and I know you will continue to help and support so many women in this community.

Because of you I am feeling much more confident with the night time routine and with my ability to be a mom and to also allow
other people to help me. You have also helped me to let go of some guilt and just enjoy the babies and have some fun with

Sara, Mother of twins, Ottawa
"A letter to all the soon-to-be parents out there who, in considering a doula, are left to their own devices to explain why on
earth you would need such a thing…

...Dearest Aline,

There will always be a need for women who help women, not the aunts, not the sisters nor the grandmothers, but practised
and skilled women, who have attended more births than their own, who see clearly and tend without the bias of kin, to the
needs of mothers and babies.

Women ask “why would you ever need such a thing as a Doula, I didn’t need one” and I smile.  Like the lost memory of the
anguish of labour, so too has what they needed most in the early days faded away.  Not “help” - the kind which makes
modern women feel as though they cannot mother their own child but an ancient tradition of care that allows celebration and
sleep and after months of hard work and that last mile of labour.

Looking back, I understand that we did indeed have a plan, you were our plan, and like all journeys, it is the company that
makes all the difference. Our adventure was better because you were there.

Forever thankful and still in awe.
You are so very gifted."

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Heather and Celine, parents of 1, Ottawa
"Aline was truly a bright light for me in a time of darkness. In the midst of postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety, I
came into contact with Aline.  After talking with me and understanding my situation, not only did Aline make time for my
daughter Lara and I in her already busy schedule, but she got us through the darkest period of my depression.  She is truly
one of the most caring people I have ever met and her knowledge of newborns is impressive.  With her gentle and caring
guidance I was able to get back on the road to recovery and while it is still a long road, I have Aline to thank for getting me to
where I am today.  I would highly recommend Aline to any new mother."

Sandra, Mother of 1, Ottawa
"My first few weeks with my newborn was very challenging. My baby fed very frequently and slept very little. I was exhausted
because I wasn't getting enough rest or finding time to eat proper meals. Aline was able to turn my situation around for the
better. She prepared wonderful meals and snacks for me, and took care of my baby while I got much needed rest. I felt
complete trust in Aline such that on one occasion I went to my doctors appointment while the baby stayed at home under
Aline's care. Aline took the time to watch my baby's behaviour, hear my concerns, and then provided me with useful tips and
information to help me change my baby's behaviour. I was thrilled to see immediate positive results. I also really valued the
chats I was able to have with her and am grateful for the household tasks that she also took care of. Thanks to Aline's help, I
found the confidence, tips and energy I needed to care for my baby completely on my own. Thank you Aline!"

Shalini, mother of 1, Barrhaven
"As a mom with a one year old, pregnant with twins, I knew I would need help when the boys arrived. Aline came into our
home when I was vulnerable, overtired, and needing support. Aline quickly became a part of our newly expanded family. She
provided me breastfeeding counseling, encouraged me to eat, took care of the diaper changes and brought the boys to me.
When I made the difficult decision to stop breastfeeding, Aline reminded me that I had to care for my needs so I could be the
best mom I could to my family. Aline’s support allowed me the opportunity to learn how to be a twin mom. Whether you are
expecting one baby, or are carrying multiples, I strongly encourage you to invite Aline into your home, it was the best decision
I could have made for my family."

Denise, mother of 3 (including twins), Kanata
"I had a very difficult labor and delivery, and an even rougher recovery. Adjusting to life with a newborn while struggling with a
number of medical issues was extremely overwhelming. Reaching out to Aline was the best thing I could have done for my
family. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and supportive. She has a caring personality, and instantly put us at ease. I felt
I could trust her and open up to her from the first moment she walked into our home. Aline was also absolutely incredible with
our daughter, and taught us how to respond to our baby's needs, which made us calmer, more confident parents. Her
presence made our first few weeks of parenting a whole lot smoother and easier than they otherwise would have been. I very
strongly recommend Aline to any parents welcoming a new bundle of joy into their lives."

Elizabeth, mother of 1, Kanata